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Game Hacking #1 - Introduction / How to start & Memory Addresses & Structures Part 1

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What"e;s up guys, I here to introduce you into game hacking. This has been requested a ton, really a lot of times, How to start into Game hacking especially csgo. So now I am here to give you an introduction into what we are going to do. For this tutorial series we will be mostly programming / creating / making hacks for counter strike global offensive also known as csgo. During these tutorials you will understand what a process consists off and how it stores the data in memory data structures and addresses. Of course, if you have an understanding for this you will be able to apply the knowledge on any other game because it always looks similiar to what you will see / do in these tutorial courses. You should know a programming language of course to understand the coding part. Even better to understand C++ so you get the point why programs have / use pointers and what is stored in the memory.
I hope you enjoy and don"e;t get offended from game hacking.
Also I don"e;t recommend using what we create just like that in online gaming as it is mostlikely to be detected and will result in a permanent ban.

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